Is all personal branding just bullshit? Perhaps with the ever-growing presence of social media and the ability we have to post photos, articles and opinions, we sometimes hear the need to build a “personal brand”. When I hear the phrase “personal branding” I can’t stop rolling my eyes.

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Behind your back

A while ago, when I first entered the world of design and branding, I heard the truism,  “A brand is something people say about your company when you are not in the room”.

That idea really stuck with me and I think about it often. If a company won’t invest in themselves, their visual identify and the way they communicate with their customers, who will?

And what does that say about them? What are your colleagues, customers and employees saying about your brand when you leave the room? 


No, our 2nd favorite answer

“No,” is our second favorite answer. Naturally everyone wants to hear a client say “yes.” But some people fear the word, “no.” Even the thought makes them uncomfortable. The fear of rejection, denial and being unwanted floats to the surface.

We personally love it. The old sales maxim of “every “no” gets us closer to a “yes” translates to brand design and strategy. Every time we hear “no” our hears fill with joy and know we are getting closer to finding the right answer.

Now our least favorite answer you ask? “Hmmmm… idk?”